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Structured Swing Classes

Want to learn to partner dance? This is the place for you! We cater to all skill levels with a focus on creating an engaging, fun atmosphere as people learn best in a welcoming, safe environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves.

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Our goal at Slingshot Swing is to give you the confidence and ability to find your self-expression so you can have a great time while dancing Lindy Hop. With our many years of dance experience, we're confident in providing this experience.

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Join us for a free trial, and if you dislike the class you pay nothing unless you continue with us. Each batch has limited trial slots, so contact us early to avail of them. If you miss out on a free trial, we offer some discounts on beginner class fees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lindy Hop is among the family of Swing dances, which are African American origin art forms.
It is primarily a social, partnered dance form that is led and followed, although it has aspects of solo dancing and choreography.
Social dancing is a form of partnered dancing that is spontaneous or improvised and typically happens at events such as social dance nights where people come to dance with each other.
A led-and-followed dance form is a dance form where one partner is leading or suggesting certain steps and movements while the other partner is following or responding to those suggestions. While there are routines and the dance can be choreographed, it is typically danced spontaneously to the music.
We have batches catering to all skill levels and our beginner level is structured specifically for those with no dance experience whatsoever.
No, in social dance classes you are not required to join with a partner as we try to ensure the ratio of leads to follows is balanced.
'Solo Jazz', also known as 'Authentic Jazz' is a form of African-American vernacular dance with its origins in West-African traditional dance. This dance form is responsible for the evolution of styles such as Hip-Hop and Funk.
'Jazz' or 'Modern Jazz' dance also had similar origins but over the decades, with influences from ballet and theatre, the dance retains very little connection to its roots.
We don't have Jive, Bachata or Salsa classes, only Lindy Hop. While Jive, Lindy Hop and Salsa are all improvised social dance forms, they are all danced to fairly different types of music, and the dances themselves look quite different stylistically.

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