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What to expect from our Beginner Classes

In 9 hours over 4 sessions of beginner classes, you can expect to learn most of the fundamental building blocks of Lindy Hop, including 8 & 6-count shapes and footwork. These steps and moves are more than enough to allow you to dance confidently on the social floor, and you will also learn beginner skills such as lead-and-follow communication, rhythm, and body awareness.

On completion of a beginner batch, we may permit students to progress to the advanced classes, known as Level 2. However, we may require students to repeat the beginner level a second time to ensure sufficient understanding and ability to apply what is taught in the beginner level.

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What to know before attending a Dance Social

Lindy Hop is a led and followed dance form, which means one partner (the lead) suggests the steps, and the other partner (the follow) takes those suggestions and goes along with them. Typically, men choose to lead and women choose to follow, but for the workshop you can choose whatever you prefer.

If our Social Night is happening at a studio, and you have never danced before, you will want to buy a ticket for the Social plus Workshop. If you have some experience dancing Lindy Hop, you can skip the workshop and opt for just the Social Dance Ticket.

When the social happens at a bar or restaurant, a cover charge of Rs. 300 (fully redeemable) will be applicable and collected by the venue. This is separate from the cost of the beginner workshop.

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A few things about our higher levels

Advanced classes happen every Sunday evening in a drop-in format. Attendance is confirmed by making your payment by Thursday night at the latest.

We offer no refunds on cancellations, however if we are informed of a cancellation by Saturday afternoon you can choose to attend a later Level 2 class at no extra cost. Any cancellations between Saturday afternoon and Sunday class will incur a Rs. 200 cancellation fee and the remaining fees may be carried over to another class.

Lastly, in addition to attending your first Level 2 class soon after completing the Beginner Level, regular class & social attendance is required to maintain eligibility to Level 2 and other advanced levels such as Performance Batches, Advanced Solo Jazz and Blues dancing.